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Chimney sweeping company in Annecy

Karine Courgenay, specialist of chimney sweeping in the whole Annecy area. Please contact me for your request.

La Fée Cheminée présentation

La Fée Cheminée, that’s me Karine Courgenay, a chimney sweep, graduated from COSTIC (a training organization recognized by the state), I created La Fée Cheminée.

Laureate of the Grand Annecy Initiative, a support platform for business creation co-financed by the Rhône Alpes region and the European Union.

Our field of intervention: the sweeping of chimneys, stoves and boilers.

Our discussions and interventions can also be carried out in English.

La Fée Cheminée prestations

Your chimney needs to be swept twice a year. It concerns security and efficiency.
We ensure the cleaning of the chimney and the atre.

Your evening by the fire will be more pleasant.

La Fée Cheminée ramonage poêle à pellets

What’s more comfortable than a snoring stove? A clean and snoring stove !!!

We handle wood and pellet stoves. We ensure cleaning of the flue, the connection duct and the interior of the stove.

La Fée Cheminée prestations

Whether your boiler is fuel or wood, the chimney and connection needs a regular cleaning.

The energy efficiency, and your wallet, depend on it.

We operate in the following sectors:

Grand-Annecy and surroundings.

Detailed list of intervention municipalities read more


Work done in a meticulous and very professional way, at the top! And knowing that the contact for the meeting next year is planned, it's a real pleasure! Thank you.
La Fée Cheminée Ramonage
Nathalie C.
Excellent service and with a smile! Contacted quickly, intervention on time. Upon departure, I could see that the place of intervention was cleaned. I also appreciated the small technical note signaling a defect to regularize.
La Fée Cheminée Ramonage
Wonderful service. Punctual, the intervention was fast and our living-room stayed impeccable. More, she's really a nice person. We recommended her warmly.
La Fée Cheminée Ramonage
Anna et Bertrand

La Fée Cheminée IconLa Fée Cheminée

484 Ancienne Route d'Annecy, Sévrier

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  • laetitia pujo ★★★★★ il y a 6 mois
    Une vraie fée, mon poêle était nettoyer en un tour de main. Jeune femme très agréable qui fait un travail impeccable sans en avoir l'air ! Je la recommande vivement, c'est une très bonne adresse.
  • Christophe Enaux ★★★★★ il y a moins d'une semaine
    Bon travail, toujours très propre
  • Malika MAUMEJEAN ★★★★★ il y a moins d'une semaine
    Nettoyage de notre poêle fait consciencieusement et sérieusement. Très bonne professionnelle
  • Heitor Sarro ★★★★★ il y a 8 mois
    C'est toujours bien de pouvoir compter sur un professionnel comme Karine. Ponctuelle, sympathique, efficace et surtout un travaille de une propreté étonnante. Je recommande et je vais déjà prendre rendez-vous pour mon prochain ramonage.
  • AlexSnow ★★★★★ il y a 8 mois
    Très bon professionnel fournissant un travail de qualité. De plus, conseils avisés sur la gestion du bois et l’entretien du toit
    Je recommande vivement

La Fée Cheminée réglementation ramonage

Chimney sweeping is a legal obligation governed by the decree of July 20, 2023 which specifies the terms of application of decree No. 2023-641 of July 20, 2023. 

In Haute-Savoie, your flues (fuel and wood) must be swept … read more

La Fée Cheminée conseils ramonage

You would like to make an appointment to have your installation swept and you ask yourself if there is a more favorable period for sweeping?

Know that your chimney sweep will be much more available … read more

Decree No. 2023-641 of July 20, 2023 defines the regulatory obligations that govern chimney sweeping. Chimney sweeping is obligatory once a year, twice if the wood consumption exceeds 6m³ or 2.5 tonnes of pellets, or if the non-gaseous heating generator is collective.
‘Maintenance of the wood generator is mandatory once a year. This maintenance consists of cleaning the heating body, checking its adjustment and its combustion air supply.
A duty of advice is obligatory concerning the possible improvement of the entire installation, the optimization of the efficiency of the device and the interest of replacing the installation taking into account the energy yields and the impacts on quality air.
The decree of July 20, 2023 specifies the terms of application of the decree of July 20, 2023, including, in particular, a diagnosis of the visible elements of the smoke installation, a methodology for maintaining the devices and details of the advice to be provided .
The chimney sweep cannot be held responsible for any loss resulting from the lack of maintenance of a heating device, nor from non-compliance carried out by the installer.

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