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Professionnals services

For the sweeping of your flue pipes, we use the latest generation, ultra-efficient rotating equipment.
Our priority is to provide quality work, which is more important to us than performance.

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Your chimney needs to be swept twice a year. It concerns security and efficiency.
We ensure the cleaning of the chimney and the atre.

Your evening by the fire will be more pleasant.

from 80€

La Fée Cheminée ramonage poêle à pellets


What’s more comfortable than a snoring stove? A clean and snoring stove !!!

We handle wood and pellet stoves. We ensure the cleaning of the chimney, the Inside and the glass of the stove.

from 80€

Annual maintenance of pellet stove + sweeping : from 220€

La Fée Cheminée prestations


Whether your boiler is fuel or wood, the chimney needs a regular cleaning.

The energy efficiency, and your wallet, depend on it.

from 70€

Possible supplement depending on the condition of the flues and the place of intervention (Sevrier departure price).

The "waves of magic wand" of La Fée Cheminée

  • Punctuality

  • Site cleanliness

  • Window cleaning (insert, stove)

  • Technical expertise

  • Advice

  • And SMILE !

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